What You Need to Know About MOOCs

What You Need to Know About MOOCs

What are MOOCs?

MOOCs are classes that are taught online to large numbers of students, with minimal involvement by professors. Typically, students watch short video lectures and complete assignments that are graded either by machines or by other students. That way a lone professor can support a class with hundreds of thousands of participants.


Peter Norvig – The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data

Google releases Course Builder, takes online learning down an open-source road


The Internet Now!

Are you curious to know what is happening around the World right Now?  Click to see the face of the Internet.

Sentiment analysis and Opinion Mining by Bing Liu

Best slides about Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining by Bing Liu in AAAI 2011

Visual Analytics in Support of Education by Katy Börner

Keynote speaker in LAK’2012 Katy Börner present Visual Analytics in Support of Education

Motivation: Design informative and visually pleasing visualizations that make a difference. Three exemplary problems and solutions.

Theory:  Learn from and combine approaches from psychology, cartography, computer science, information visualization, statistics, graphic design.

Practice:  Plug-and-play macroscope tools that commoditize data mining and visualization.